Frequently Asked Questions:

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FAQ Answers:

Do we have to wear masks when we play and practice?

No! Please wear a mask until you reach your practice destination, but when you are practicing you don’t need to wear the mask.

Can we have spectators for practice or games?

There are no spectators allowed for CMAC games. However, all other games we are allowed to have spectators as long as the number stays below 200.

Can we wear old PE uniforms to practice in?

Yes! Any GIS PE uniform is appropriate and approved for practice.

Do we have guidelines for heat and AQI?

Yes! Please check the AQI page for all policies and other useful information throughout the year.

What are the rules for playing up or down a level in a sport? Can my 13 year old play JV or Varsity?

Please check our Sports Overview page for answers to this and many other questions relating to age requirements and other policies and procedures in the athletic department.