Frequently Asked Questions:

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FAQ Answers:

Do I have to submit an ATK test before coming on campus?

If you will be interacting directly with our students (practices and games), you will need to submit a negative ATK test the day before using this link: https://www.gisthailand.org/atk.

If you are coming on campus to watch a game or pick up your child, you do not need to submit a test.

Are students allowed to use the weight room unsupervised?

9th -12th grade - yes. However, they are not allowed to work out by themselves (bring a buddy)!

8th grade and below must be with a coach, parent or staff.

ALL students must have either taken a conditioning class or gotten the "okay" from the Athletic Department.

Can off-season teams practice over the weekends?

Yes, if there is a coach present. Please email athletics@gisthailand.org first to reserve courts/fields and equipment.

When will we know if practices/games are cancelled due to AQI, weather, etc.?

The Athletic department will put out a statement under the "Breaking News" category on the Home Page of the website by 1:30pm of that day.

Do we have to sign up somewhere for tryouts?

No need. Just show up! You can find the dates, times, and locations on our calendar and on each of the sports pages.

When and where will rosters be posted?

They will posted on the secondary & elementary bulletin boards outside the respective offices the day after tryouts.

Can we have spectators for practice or games?

Yes, unless stated otherwise.

Can we wear old PE uniforms to practice in?

Yes! Any GIS PE uniform is appropriate and approved for practices.

Do we have guidelines for heat and AQI?

Yes! Please check the AQI page for all policies and other useful information throughout the year.

What are the rules for playing up or down a level in a sport? Can my 13 year old play JV or Varsity?

Please check our Sports Overview page for answers to this and many other questions relating to age requirements and other policies and procedures in the athletic department.

*Your child may be asked to play up if we don't have enough numbers, but that will be up to the coach of each team.