Rec League


We're thrilled that we can offer Rec League as an opportunity for young students (3rd - 6th grade) to play sports in a fun, friendly, and competitive environment in which they are also mentored by older student athletes (Sports Leadership students). Rec League was created to develop athletic skills in our elementary students. Our vision is for each sport to be played before their CMAC season began in order for our students to have the opportunity to try it first before deciding if they want to pursue playing competitively.

Participating students must be signed up and have paid the required fees by the dates listed in order to play. Students are expected to attend every day of the sport they sign up for.

One problem we've been having over past seasons of Rec League is children not being picked up on time, which creates problems for our staff and Sports Leadership students. Due to these issues with students not being picked up on time, there is a fee for kids being picked up late. Rec League ends at 11:30 AM each Saturday. If your child isn't picked up by 11:40 AM you will have to pay 500 THB for every 30 minutes after that.

*Rec League Soccer will be offered in the fall and basketball will be offered in the spring.


Attention all parents of 3rd-6th graders!

Rec. League Soccer will begin on TBD! Registration and payment is due TBD. It costs 400 baht per child and will be played at the GIS soccer fields.

Please fill out the information on the registration form FIRST and then submit payment to Khun Fon at the main reception desk of the school in the Admin. building.

Please read this document for more information and note specifically the shirt sizing.

Practice Time & Important Dates:

Practice time: 10:00 - 11:30 am

Important Dates:

  • TBD


Rec League Basketball (for 3rd-6th graders at GIS) will start in January. It costs 400 THB per child. It will be played at GIS on the covered Athletics court and the not covered Athletics court (both are by the soccer fields). Kids will be given a basketball jersey and shorts to wear each day and to keep at the end of the season. For more info about Rec League please see here.

We really want every child to attend every day because we count on every child being there when forming the team rosters. If your child must miss a day please make a note on the registration form (below).

Payment and registration is due by TBD. Give the money to Khun Fon at the front desk of the Admin building and she will give you a receipt and will mark you as paid on the registration form.

Practice Time & Important Dates:

Practice time: 10:00 - 11:30 am

Important Dates:

TBD - Registration and Fees due

Practice Dates/Pool Play:

  • TBD

A Couple Things to Remember:

  • Please use the main entrance at the guard shack and wear your masks at all times.
  • We want to honour the Thai government and the restrictions placed so the number of people allowed on campus will be limited. Please keep this in mind when deciding who will come to watch the games –> Genesis cafe is a great place to hang out while you wait!
  • Students will be told where to go when they get to the school
  • If we cancel due to AQI or any other reasons, we will let you know by 8:30am. If it is not cancelled, we will not post anything.