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VARSITY (Season 3)

***Varsity Girls Futsal Season/Team will combine with Varsity Girls 3rd Season Soccer Team

Varsity Boys coach: 

Khun Mann Seadsophonkul (mann@gisthailand.org

Paul Bak (pau16ak@gmail.com)  

Varsity Girls coaches: 

Jonathan Wu (jonathan.wu@pinnacleteaching.com)

Kylie Stancliffe (kstancliffe@gisthailand.org)

Aaron Smith (aaron@smithurene.com)


Varsity Boys & Girls Pre-Season: 

Varsity Boys & Girls Tryouts: 

Practice Locations:

Varsity Boys and Girls  


  • Varsity Boys CMAC Futsal Tournament May 11, 2024 @UCIS
  • Varsity Girls CMAC Futsal Tournament May 11, 2024 @GIS

U12 -(season 3)

U12 Boys coaches:

Ming Seadsophonkul ( ming@gisthailand.org)
Dennis Reed (dreed@gisthailand.org)  

U12 Girls coaches:
Rebecca Smith ( rsmith@gisthailand.org

U12 Boys Tryouts: 

U12 Girls Tryouts: 


U12 Boys

U12 Girls

*Practices on Wednesdays will end at 5:00 PM


  • CMAC U12 Boys Futsal Tournament May 14, 2024 @ UCIS
  • CMAC U12 Girls Futsal Tournament May 15, 2024 @ UCIS